athousandcurses: (Sad)
Grainne ([personal profile] athousandcurses) wrote in [personal profile] thebeastslair 2014-03-11 03:22 am (UTC)

[A week later; their house]

[Grainne had struggled for ages over what to do after that video she'd discovered on the network. Part of her wanted to go straight there to see him, another part whispered at the back of her mind that the strange man was right, that she wasn't wanted and she would only be a problem. A liability.

In the end, that Diarmuid had appeared so sick and the strangeness of the other man won out, and she had to know. That's why she had taken the next flight out of Ireland and hunted down the address she'd discovered linked to what appeared to be Diarmuid's account.

With all of it's entries...

That's why she is currently lurking about their house at night, letting herself in through less than legal means. If she can catch them sleeping, she could see for herself if her knight needed her.]

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