thebeastwithin: Set-I See What You Did There (I See What You Did There)
Set ([personal profile] thebeastwithin) wrote in [personal profile] thebeastslair 2014-03-11 06:53 am (UTC)

[There is really only one person sleeping in the house when Grainne enters. That is, Set thinks Dia is sleeping and not unconscious because of his illness again. He sighs softly, running a hand through his hair and then leans forward to check the group of healing runes he has set on Dia. It is frustrating that no matter how he chains or stacks them together, they never do anything more than provide temporary relief and even the temporary relief has become less as time has passed.

It is safe to say that Set moved from being worried about his lover to being terrified a long time ago.

He is about to try adding another rune to the group when he feels something trigger one of the sets of detection runes he has laid in the upstairs rooms. Immediately, he is on his feet and on his way out of the room pausing only for a moment to look back at Dia.]

Stay there...

[Set knows it stupid to say it when his lover isn't even awake, but he does it anyway before dashing out of the room and up the stairs. He knows that whoever has broken in will be trapped in the room, but considering how shaky the Beast has made any rune use besides his healing ones, Set is taking no chances on them escaping because he dallied.]

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