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'Accidental' Video 1: A Little Bird's Song

As the video starts, there is a man standing with his back to the camera.  Long blue-black hair lays loose against his shoulders, messy and snarled.  He sways back and forth in an odd, almost worried rhythm.

"He's sick.  He's sick.  My Little Bird's sick and needs to rest," the words are soft, spoken to the same odd rhythm as the man's swaying.  "I want him to be better soon.  To be better now.  Why isn't he better?  Why doesn't the healing work?"

The Beast crouches down by the bed then, allowing a dark shock of hair belonging to someone curled up in a bundle of blankets on the bed to be seen for the first time.  However, the Beast doesn't stay that way long, bouncing back to his feet a few moments later and blocking the man from view again, "I know!  I feel better when he sings to me. I will sing to him!"

There is silence in the room for several moments and then a soft, low, harsh but oddly melodic voice starts singing a song in Ancient Gaelic.  It's a lullaby.  One his Little Bird said he wrote.  It is not long, so The Beast repeats it.  Over and over again.

Until the feed ends...
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I'll stay! I'll stay!

[Grainne panics for a second when he goes still, holding his hand tightly. Gently, she ran her fingers over his cheek, comforting him.]

I won't go anywhere... but you shouldn't be out here.

[Looking around, she finally looks back at Set.]

Can you take him?
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[Dia turns his head into her touch, eyes looking into hers for a moment, before they close and he falls still again. Asleep, though, not unconscious. Set sighs, leaning down to gently kiss him on the forehead and then motions for Grainne to step back so he can pick his lover up. Once she has, he gently gathers Dia into his arms.

Strangely enough, the Beast has fallen completely silent.

Set settles Dia and then motions toward the stairs with his head.]

The bedroom is near the end of the stairs and the kitchen isn't far away. We can talk there.
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[Scrambling away, she only goes so far as to make it clear for them to move, but she doesn't let go of his hand yet, waiting until Set motions for her to go. Reluctantly, she lets go and nods, moving down the stairs and waiting for Set at the bottom.]

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[Set is careful not to force her to let go of Dia's hand until absolutely necessary. She might not understand, but he gets it and he isn't angry or jealous about what she and his lover were in the past. How can he be when Dia has been nothing but understanding about his feelings for Bazett?

Carefully, he carries Dia down to their bedroom and inside. Part of him says he should be watching Grainne to make sure she doesn't vanish, but she promised Dia that she wouldn't go and he's trusting her to keep that word. If she doesn't...

...well that's something that will be dealt with after Dia is better.

Once he has his lover tucked into bed, Set gives him another gentle kiss on the forehead. Dia is so deeply asleep, he doesn't respond at all. It makes Set frown, but at least it means his lover is resting. And he needs the rest. Badly.

Straightening from the bed, he moves back to the room's door and out into the hallway, silently leading the way to the kitchen.]
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[Grainne follows him, wearing a vaguely displeased expression. The tears from earlier had left trails and she rubs at her face, wiping them away before wrapping her arms around herself in defense.]

How long has he been sick?
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Too long.

[Set's words are clipped and slightly angry, but the anger isn't at her. It seems to be directed at himself. He makes his way into the kitchen, motioning for her to sit at the stools by the bar.]

This is one of those time I wish we still had somethin' with alcohol in it in the house. You want anything?
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[Hesitant, almost as if she's afraid he might lock her in the room again (come on Grainne, that's silly) she sits down and clasps her hands together on the bar top.]

No, I'm fine. [Grainne starts picking at a hangnail, needing something to do to let off nervous energy.] I'm... sorry I broke in. I was afraid he wouldn't let me see him.
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[Set notices her fidgeting and gives her a glass of water, so she can fiddle with that instead of possibly hurting herself messing with her nails like that. He then pours himself a drink and leans against the sink facing her.]

To be honest, I can't blame you. He might not have. He's damned protective of his 'Little Bird.' Sometimes it's a blessing. Most the time it's a pain in the ass. Least now I know why he was laughing and acting like an idiot in the back of my head when I first saw you. Can't help but wonder why he didn't push out then. Ah...I suppose I should just count us lucky and not question...
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[She stares at the glass of water for a moment, silent, then straightens up and pulls her hands into her lap.

There's so many unasked questions running through the back of her mind that she doesn't dare ask. She's seen too much to feel comfortable intruding on what's obviously their private lives.]

I don't know how I could help...
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How about asking the questions you really want to ask instead of worrying about butting your head in where it don't belong?

[Set shrugs.]

I'm not going to takes offense. Believe me. It takes a lot to really upset me these days. With a berserk side like The Beast, you learn to keep things in check pretty quickly...
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[Grainne's expression darkens, and she avoids looking at him straight on.]

What kind of questions could I possibly ask and get an answer to that isn't 'he has someone else.' I've read his posts and I know enough.

[That exchange with Mordred still features prominently in her thoughts when she isn't being worried for him. It had made her both sick to her stomach and irrationally angry, but if he's moved on there is little she can do about it.]

Besides, that isn't why I came here. His welfare is more important right now. I don't have any other class than Caster, I might be able to help without interference. I could at least do something about his arm...
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You know NOTHING.

[Set's voice is just one step away from a snarl and it's very small step. If Grainne looks up at him fast enough, she will see that, for a moment, the pupils of his eyes narrow down to slits and the whites of his eyes shift black, before both things return to normal, signs that The Beast has almost torn his way to the surface and then fallen back. While relieved that The Beast doesn't force things, Set can't help but wonder why. Why is he suddenly showing so much restraint?

Is it just because he's worried about his Little Bird or something else going on?]

Are you really foolish enough to think that a few videos posted to a website without our permission in several of those cases tells anything? You obviously care about him or else you would not be here. Stop letting your emotions keep you from thinking about what's really best for him, 'cause that's all I care about. What's best for him. Hell, the reason he's like this is 'cause he's put what's best for everyone else in front of what's best for him for far too long!
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[Startled and frightened, Grainne disappears from the stool and reappears at the entrance to the kitchen wearing her robes.

The shock wears off in a second, but it leaves her heart pounding and her voice shaking, though she speaks with a sudden fierceness.]

Then you tell me what's best for him, but never raise your voice like that again. Not where Diarmuid can hear it.
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Promise you will stop acting like you ain't got a brain in that pretty little head and we've got a deal. I know you're smarter than that, Princess, so act it.

[Set takes a long drink from his glass, emptying it and then setting it on the counter. It's not so much that he is thirsty as it is he is buying himself a little time to make sure his emotions are settled before he continues.]

I don't know how it was for you--if you ever got called into the war--but he was. Twice. Both times he was used and betrayed and the second time...

[A look of disgust fills his eyes.]

...the second time he was violated in every way possible and then more. If things were working right, he wouldn't have to remember any of it, but he does. He does and it's changed him. He ain't the man you once knew. He's trying to be. He damn well is trying, but there's something broken in him. I wanna fix it, but...I don't know how.
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[Anything she might have said to his accusation died before it even reached her lips, turning a horror stricken pale color. Her first instinct is to go run into the bedroom and hold him and protect him from everything.

The second is to get sick, which might be more likely since she starts to feel bile at the back of her throat.

There is anger now, so strong she's afraid she'll get lost in it, and it takes a moment to stop shaking. The ill feeling only grows stronger while she's wrestling with herself, and she has to shake her head furiously and remind herself. There's nothing she could do now. The people responsible were probably long gone away.]

Then... everything he said about corruption... that... post...

[She had so wanted to believe it was a mistake, that she hadn't read it. That it was somehow a story he made up. The details blurred in her head after she finished, unable at first to come to terms with what was written there. In fact... she had almost managed to suppressed the memory. Not that she had gone very far before she had to stop.

Grainne takes several steps to the bar, grabbing the glass of water to fight the sick that only seems to get worse.]

What can I do..?
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He's a lot of things, Lass, but a liar ain't among them. I can tell you for a fact what he wrote in that post...if anything it's an understatement. I don't know if he just doesn't talk about it or doesn't know he does it, but waking up screaming about the darkness and gasping and flailing like he's drowning...

[Set stops, pressing his lips together and paling slightly himself as he remembers the strangled, terrified sounds he has so often woke up to.]

Please sit and take a moment to calm down. I can tell you a lot of things, but...I don't have an answer for that question. We tried something and...

[There is a pause as Set reaches up and gives his ponytail a much harder than necessary pull. He's obviously upset about something.]

...I think that's why he's sick. I's my fault.
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I know he's not a liar.

[Grainne's a little defensive in that response, moving back to her seat and taking the glass of water offered earlier. It helps cool her throat.

Slowly, her emotions settle down until the ill feeling passes, and she's left feeling only drained and tired and sad.

When what he says starts to work through into her brain, she shakes her head.]

No... no, don't blame yourself. I could see something dark over him. Whatever it is, it's not acting like any normal sickness. The... Beast accused me of making him seizure, and I wonder if I really did... affect him like that.

[And that terrified her.]

What were you doing before he got sick? Does he... get worse when he is unhappy or upset?
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...something dark over him....

[Set repeats the words softly, before suddenly slamming his fist into the counter top. He snarls to himself and then falls silent. When he finally speaks again, his voice is oddly calm despite the violent reaction.]

It's the corruption, Lass. It ain't gone. It's suppose to be, but it ain't, and cause it's part of 'all the evils of the world,' it gets stronger when he hides his emotions. You know him. He does that all the time. Always hiding what is wrong. Always.

[Frustration fills his eyes.]

Since it is what it is, we thought trying a seal evil spell might help. It didn't. The corruption broke the runes almost immediately and he started getting sick right after. It's punishing him. I know it. Why did I let him talk me into trying...
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I know...

[She remembers well how strong he always seemed when they were on the run, but now it's hurting him.]

He wouldn't even tell me the first few days he fought those warriors...

[The glass of water is gone, and she holds the empty glass for a moment before setting it down.]

You know how he is. He's stubborn. One of the most stubborn men I've ever known save for a few. He would not have let up if you hadn't.

[Taking a deep breath, she forces calm on herself.]

If it is punishing him, there may be nothing we can do, save keep his energy up. I will do all I can to heal him, if you'll have me. There's nothing I will not do for him.
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Considering I would do anything for him too, I don't doubt you.

[Set sighs, eyes focusing on a spot on the floor.]

It's just finding what we can do. The healing only ever works for a little while and works for less time every time I try. Not to mention...

[For a moment he squeezes his eyes shut, his whole body suddenly looking exhausted and worn to the bone.]

Never mind. It's not important.
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Then we will have to do our best and hope he comes through it... it's not any different than an illness when we were ali- [A flash of annoyance crosses her face when he breaks off and waves off what his unfinished thought was.]

Didn't you just yell at me for not knowing anything? How can I if you won't tell?

[She hops off the stool and is at his side in a moment, frowning up at him. Honestly, why are men so tall?]

You've been giving him energy, haven't you? Don't even hide it, you're exhausted... have you even been taking care of yourself?
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[Set laughs softly, the sound tired.]

I don't really know how to take care of myself. Not during my first life and not now. I always just kind of went with the flow. He's the one who made sure I did different...

[Another laugh slips from his mouth.]

No wonder so few of us heroes lived that long. Sense is lacking and it doesn't help I'm having to deal with him...

[He raps his knuckles against his head lightly.]

Thank goodness his worry for my baby and the geis are keeping him in line so far. He's been out a lot lately and if the worse he's done is taunt you a little...well, I can't complain considering the things he usually does.
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[She flinched slightly when he once again referred to Diarmuid like that, but distracted by almost snapping.]

Sense is definitely lacking among men. Worrying yourself to death! Not taking care of yourself! Diarmuid would be upset if he were well.

[If Grainne had a tail it would be bushing right about now, as she starts picking at him to sit down.]

You sit down, and if you tell me where things are, I'll make something.

[No... oh no... Grainne is going to cook. She's got a determined look on her face, and her hands on her hips...]

He should eat too.
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[Set's eyes open wide. It's hard to tell if the expression is shock at how quickly she's gone from flinching at his raised voice to babying him or if it's worry about what is about to happen in the kitchen...

He remembers the stories Dia has told him about her cooking skills...or lack there of...]

He's...going to be upset if you wreck his kitchen. He gets upset if I wreck it...

[For a moment, he just looks down at his hands, trying to work out an acceptable plan. She's not going to let that excuse stop her. He can tell from the look in her eyes, but Dia...]

I...can't stop you if you do it while I am checking on him...

[There! Perfect answer!]

Don't set your hair on fire, okay? It really bugs him when that happens...

[Then, without explaining what that even means, Set disappears off to the bedroom.]
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[Set her hair on fire? She only did that once!

But before she can reply with an indignant huff, he's gone. Which is good. Because she might have thrown a rolling pin at him.

Mumbling to herself, she sets to work. She will show them! While Set is gone, she seeks out and finds the ingredients for a decent pot roast, and on second thought, pulls out what she needs to make a cake on top of that...

It's a good thing she's been taking those cooking lessons.]

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