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The Beast ([personal profile] thebeastslair) wrote 2014-03-11 02:30 am (UTC)

[Video] & [Text]

[Seeing that familiar face had been a shock to Dia. Having the screen go blank so suddenly on top of it, snatching her away so quickly is almost too much for him to take in his weakened state. He starts shaking, head falling to rest against the Beast's shoulder. The Beast, for his part, actually looks worried and coos softly to try and calm him.]

You are feverish. You should be resting instead of here with me imaging things...

[Dia shakes his head. He saw her. She was there. She was...wasn't she?]

Let me put you back to bed. I will shut this down and then let Him up to try and heal you again. You will like that, right?

[The Beast's clawed hand comes up to stroke his Little Bird's hair and Dia curls closer to him, his shakes growing stronger. For a moment, he seems as though he will speak and then his shakes become even harder, his words cut off before they can leave his mouth. The worry on the Beast's face becomes something much closer to panic when his Little Bird shakes once more before becoming very, very still.


He carries his lover to bed and very gently tucks him in. After watching him for a few seconds, the Beast starts to let Set back up, before suddenly stopping and moving angrily back to the computer. He pulls up the account of the woman who had contacted them and sends her a quick text.]

Good job, Demanding Lady. Way to make a sick man seize and pass out. Next time do us both a favor and just go away. You aren't wanted here.

[Once the message is sent, the Beast crawls into bed, wraps himself around his Little Bird and then, reluctantly, lets Set up to try again to heal whatever is making Dia so ill...]

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